Sunday, November 26

Should I be sickened or flattered?

Check out this email I got last week from the president of my new school. I guess it's nice that he sends a greeting out to everybody. But on the flip side, what the heck is up with this first paragraph? Um...does he realize we're not prospective students, but we already are ENROLLED here? Or is he trying to tell us to be thankful for our "many opportunities"?? Not to put down the president or the university, but I think this letter is a gross endorsement of the school. (Side Note: I can't exactly agree with his statement about the teachers giving "the absolute best education possible.")

Students: As we approach the Thanksgiving break, it is my hope that each of you will take time to ponder the many opportunities you have as a result of your education at St. Cloud State University. You have a caring and dedicated faculty and staff who are here to help you get the absolute best education possible. You have a thoughtful and encouraging environment in which to pursue your education and a beautiful and well maintained campus that includes high-tech classrooms and outstanding library and technology resources.

We are a true caring community at St. Cloud State, and each of us wishes you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. May you return to class refreshed and ready to embrace your final weeks of the fall semester. Drive carefully and watch out for each other.

Roy H. Saigo, President


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