Thursday, March 5

My heart and soul are crushed

I have a sad story: I can't sing. Not even in my dreams.

So I was getting ready for bed last night and thinking about reading because it wasn't that late. But I kinda had a headache so I ended up resting my head on my pillow and...yeah, falling asleep. It was a cool dream though. My life was apparently a musical, and I burst out singing and dancing in class. It was awesome. Until I saw the horrified and disgusted faces all around me. I couldn't hit a note. I know I'm not very good at singing in real life. But I am pretty disappointed that I can't in my dreams, either.


Blogger KDFT said...

I am sorry that you can't sing, but at least you can play the tuba in the real world and in your dreams

9:19 PM  

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