Sunday, January 18

welcome to my world

As all who would read this probably know, I live with my grandma. She was born at the beginning of the Great Depression and has definitely seen her share of hard times. Like most people her age, she is stuck in the mindset of "waste not, want not". Most the time it doesn't bother me, although she's well enough off now that she doesn't have to use the same paper towel over and over. (This is not an exaggeration). Sometimes it peeves me when I find out she's used the same disposable toilet brush for over 4 months (eww....) or when I see a plastic TV dinner tray washed and put under the cupboard, but usually I can find some humor in the situation. (I have yet to convince her that the microwavable trays in the frozen dinners are supposed to be thrown away). Today, for example, I'm going to warm up some leftovers in the microwave when I see a bowl is in the way. I take it out and notice it contains 14 or 15 toothpicks. I ask grandma what the bowl was doing in the microwave. "Oh, some toothpicks fell on the floor so I washed them and dried them in the microwave," she says. "I must have left them in there."


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