Saturday, January 28

you are a f-r-i-e-n-d!

I still have to hum that song in my head sometimes to be able to spell the word "friend" correctly. Sandi Patti and friends, I was probably around 7. I think I had every song on that tape (yes, cassette tape) memorized. And it brings to mind a couple people whom I love so dang much today. The people that you actually tell the truth to when answering the oh to commonly used salutation "How are you?". The people you don' t feel uncomfortable doing nothing with. The people who accept you no matter what you're doing, how you look, or how you feel. It's these people that make me wonder why God even gave me the privelege of knowing them. I've just been thinking about them tonight, even as I hang out with them in my spirtually/emotionally/physically overwhelmed state. And I think of the ones that I haven't seen for a while. And I thank God for those who are close and so very, very far away.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For the people who say nice things and actually mean them. For the people I am comfortable enough to be my real self with, and they know it. And I pray Lord, that most of all, you would help me see You as one of these people. Because I know you are, but I want you to be my Best Friend Forever.


Anonymous -bliss said...

welcome to the cult of online journals. So guess what... that pillow you gave me for christmas is a huge hit. I have people over a lot and whoever happens to pick up the pillow will spend at least a half hour with it. One guy liked it so much that he took it with him to a meeting and then brought it back later that night. Thanks for entertaining my friends!

5:49 PM  

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