Sunday, January 25


'Cause I have cabin fever. Which isn't good in January in Minnesota, seeing that I probably won't experience a nice day outside for another 3 months. I really don't mind the cold that much though. I think what's getting to me is just life...I have cabin fever from my life. aggghhhhhh.

Tuesday, January 20

*giggle giggle*

I bought a book on porn today. It really made my night.

Sunday, January 18

welcome to my world

As all who would read this probably know, I live with my grandma. She was born at the beginning of the Great Depression and has definitely seen her share of hard times. Like most people her age, she is stuck in the mindset of "waste not, want not". Most the time it doesn't bother me, although she's well enough off now that she doesn't have to use the same paper towel over and over. (This is not an exaggeration). Sometimes it peeves me when I find out she's used the same disposable toilet brush for over 4 months (eww....) or when I see a plastic TV dinner tray washed and put under the cupboard, but usually I can find some humor in the situation. (I have yet to convince her that the microwavable trays in the frozen dinners are supposed to be thrown away). Today, for example, I'm going to warm up some leftovers in the microwave when I see a bowl is in the way. I take it out and notice it contains 14 or 15 toothpicks. I ask grandma what the bowl was doing in the microwave. "Oh, some toothpicks fell on the floor so I washed them and dried them in the microwave," she says. "I must have left them in there."

Monday, January 5

Don't call it a resolution or it won't stick.

I don't do this very often, but I feel so inclined to list my activities today. Not much out of the ordinary, except that I fell in love. But first things first. I woke up and played Dance Praise (a silly knock-off Christian version of PlayStation's DDR). I realize that I kind of suck on the difficult mode because it is, as they say, difficult. Then I ate a big bowl of iron-fortified wheat flakes. This is important to the story. Just wait. I worked for a couple hours but it got pretty boring so I asked if I could leave early and stay later on Thursday. My boss is pretty awesome. I came home and ate another bowl of iron-fortifed flakes. Then I ran some errands and finally found the perfect shelf thing for our TV and DVD/VCR. At 4:00 I had an appointment to give blood, and give the blood I did! It was exciting because I haven't been there for about a year and giving blood is so fun. I was worried about having enough iron (hence the importance of the ironied flakes) and the first time they poked me I was under count. But I had them do it again on the other hand, and sure enough I had plenty of iron to spare! So that was fun, because I haven't done it in a while. I saw two people I knew on the "gallon wall" and realized that I only need to donate 3 more times to have given a gallon. Hurrah. It was after my exhilarating experience at the Red Cross that I found myself head over heels in love. In love...with the new St. Cloud public library. I couldn't believe how busy it was-almost as bad as the mall. I guess I share my newfound sentiments with many other Cloudy town citizens. Anyhow I felt like such a nerd to be enamored with knowledge, and it felt awesome. I promised myself that I will start reading at least a book a month. As I was walking out I totally passed an older dude with a Tartan High School letter jacket from '75 or something like that. Then I found five dollars.

And all of this is true, except the five dollars part.