Thursday, November 13

Something I've been thinking about for quite a while

So, here's a very rare political post because someone I know shared this article and I really appreciate what it has to say.

I'm not going to get into a rant about whether Bush was right or wrong, I'd just like to point out that being president is a lot harder than it looks. The world is imperfect, and a lot of what has happened in the past couple years would've happened no matter who is in office. I just wish people would quit blaming the president for everything. We can agree and disagree, but to blame and disrespect our leaders who are trying their best for the country makes no sense and only shows the world how ignorant and stupid Americans can be.

Saturday, November 8

A scientific experiment proven once again.

Being busy makes time go fast. Doing nothing makes time go slow.

I tested this theory today, and it is true. I did absolutely nothing today (except take a shower and bake apple crisp, which took a measly 30 minutes). And it has been one of the longest, dullest days of my life. I didn't have the motivation to do anything else, so I sat at home and thinked. And read a little, and wrote a little, and prayed a little. No answers yet, but I'm beginning to hope I'm on the right track.

And once again, Pearls Before Swine intrigues me with some of it's depressing humor. :-P