Friday, October 24

Sue me if this isn't the best fourtune you've ever seen.

So, my brother is awesome. With a capital A. Seriously. How is someone that cool related to me? I went to his band concert last night (I can't believe he's a senior already!) to see their final home marching show of the season. He once again showed off his amazing drumming talent so effortlessly. The coolest thing though is that he's not cocky about it, like I've seen in so many other drummers. When we got home he showed me a senior tribute paper thing that he voluntarily wrote about some of his fellow bandmates. And I have to say I was quite humbled and impressed at his creative and insightful writing. It's just so weird seeing him as an adult my head he's still seven and I'm eleven. And while I'll always be older than him, I am no longer bigger or necessarily smarter or more mature than he is. Probably more of the contrary. But anyway, I'm so proud of him.

Other than the concert, nothing much else exciting has happened recently (except that I found the first two seasons of Ed, Edd, and Eddy for $5 each at Walgreens). The best thing about liking obscure cartoons is that they're usually pretty cheap when they come out on DVD. Yey. I've still been thinking about life....maybe I'll come up with something eventually. But for now, I'd like to leave you with perhaps the best remenant of a fourtune cookie that I've ever seen:

The best part is that my mom stuck it under an old school picture of my brother. C'mon, admit it. You're intrigued.

Saturday, October 11

And now for something completely different....

Yeah, it was getting a little serious in here so I decided to publish some stupid posts. Because I sincerely enjoy being a dork. But it's been harder recently, sometimes I just don't feel like myself. If I even know who I am anymore. It's a difficult place to describe, yet so uncomfortably familiar. Maybe that's what I hate about it. Anyway, I'm tired and I have to get up tomorrow for a road trip. With my grandma. Because that's how cool I am. On a related note: I'm realizing that I should start playing more video games.

Tuesday, October 7


I own ten pairs of shoes (gasp!). I didn't think working in a footwear department would do this to me, but I succumbed. In the past I've owned just 3 or 4 pairs, plenty enough to get me by. But I guess the awesome deals I've spotted while working with shoes for over a year has been too much. But I do take comfort in knowing that one pair I had to buy for a wedding and five of the other pairs are tennis/skate shoes. So, that leaves only four sandal/dressy shoes. And one of these I'm going to throw away. So really three. Maybe I'm not turning all girly after all. I think I'll be okay. At any rate, I'm not going to buy any shoes for a while.