Sunday, August 31

I'd write a song, but I don't know the words

Some days I'm quite satisfied with myself, and some days I'm not. I'm sure this is not an unusual feeling for most people. Right now I find myself at the crossroads of both feelings, and I can't decide which one to go with. It's so hard to find that middle ground where you can accept where you're at yet still give yourself room to grow. It's especially hard when you keep messing up on the growing part.

People are confusing (I've learned this firsthand, being a person myself). I wish we wouldn't worry or care so much about how we are viewed, and instead just accept others as they are. We would be a lot more honest. We would be able to cure one of America's most prominent social problems: obsessive independence and lack of community. We would see other people as God sees them. We would be happy.

Saturday, August 23

when I grow up I want to be Peter Pan

So, school starts this Monday for all those crazy kids at St. Cloud State. I'm just working and playing in the pep band this semester, but it will be fun to meet up with some friends from last year who are just coming back into town. I was driving down University, hanging out with one of these friends who I was so excited to see (who actually lives in St. Cloud but was gone all summer) and honked at massive herds of freshman taking tours of campus. As I was driving back home later that night, I was feeling a little festive as well. I stopped at Coborn's to pick up a pack of Bartles and Jaymes and when I got home put some popcorn in the microwave. Ahh, college is the life. I've kinda got it perfect right now: enjoying the social benefits but not having to worry about classes and homework. Well it sounds nice, but sometimes I really did wish I had a clue to what I was doing. Because soon I'm gonna need to grow up. And I can't stay in the college lifestyle forever, even though I've been trying to...