Wednesday, July 30

I think I found my new favorite blog.

Gotta read some of this stuff.

Monday, July 21

"Heavy sigh." - Mork

When life becomes to frustrating or confusing for words, I can always count on Mork from Ork to help me express my feelings.

These past couple weeks have brought upon me this strange, hectic but mundane feeling. I'm frequently busy, but not with anything exciting. Even the busyness itself is dull. The last few months have flown by like days, and even though summer is two-thirds over it doesn't feel like I've done anything, really. We had some family from out of town come in June for a weekend, and that was probably the highlight of the summer. Usually the highlight is the Sonshine Music Festival that happens every July, but I even missed that for the first time in like seven years. I don't know if I just lack motivation or need to find some new hobbies (probably both!) but life is so boring right now. It feels like everyone else is off on a missions trip or at camp or getting married or doing something cool like that while I sit here as the train of life just passes me by. Not that I have to be profoundly excited all the time, but it honestly feels like my life is doing nothing- going nowhere. I don't even really have anything to look forward to.

I gotta find something.

Friday, July 4

"Anthem" by Five Iron Frenzy

So I know as a citizen of the mighty U.S. of A. that our country leans toward the more hypocritical side. Forgive me for starting this entry with one of our greatest faults (on the 4th of July too....ooops) but something just really bothered me today. I know that our country has accomplished some great things, and I fully support and take great pride in those serving America right now--regardless of my stance on the war. There's just some things that really get to me, and I know I'm not alone. Like the fact that this nation was founded on the words "In God We Trust" and now denies that these historical roots are of any importance. The fact that we were founded on and freedom while slavery was still legal for ninety years after we signed the Declaration of Independence. And the fact that today's top headline states "Guilty Plea in Two Murders" about a man being charged for the murder of his girlfriend and unborn child, even though the same woman could have gone to an abortion clinic a couple days earlier and killed her own child as if it were no crime.

I don't know about the rest of America, but I'm not a real big fan of hypocrisy. While nobody's perfect, we sure could use a little consistency now and then.

Tuesday, July 1

I'm back from the dead.

This is an apology to myself for forgetting about my blog so long. Sorry, digital self. Oh well. Maybe if I keep at it someday I'll have readers and then I'll actually feel obliged to keep it up. heheh. Actually, I kind of like the idea of blogging even if it is only for me. It really helps me to write my thoughts down, even if they are silly.

I don't know if this is fortunate or not, but really nothing much has happened since my last post in November. Well, except my friend's dad is doing a LOT was a miracle indeed! Thankfully they kept their blog updated much more than I did, so I'm sure anyone who's been checking the site knows that he is out of the hospital and doing much better. They're still posting prayer requests on there though, so I'm gonna try to keep up with that. Yeah, other than that....I've finished my 4th year of school (and still nowhere near graduating :-P), been in a wedding, made some new friends, and got a pedicure (for ME, that's pretty big). I've also decided to take a break off from school again, because I'm still not sure what I want to do and I haven't been really motivated to find any direction. Maybe after a couple more years in retail I'll be motivated again. :-P So mainly it's just been work, work, work. I am in a the MCA position now which just means I have a few more responsibilities and I've learned a little bit more about how things work in the retail sector. It's still not that bad, for now I'm okay just working in the shoe department. It was a year in June, and please forgive my clicheness, but man- does time fly! Come August, it will be my 3rd year living in the Cloud. Sheeesh.

Well, I gotta scoot out. Hopefully I'll be back sooner this time. The most exciting mail I've recieved this week: my second membership card for AARP. I love living with Grandma. :-)