Thursday, August 16


Today, my other pair of black shoes died. Well, the heel on the right foot broke just like the other pair. However, it was the left foot that broke on the other pair. I'm considering wearing two different shoes to work tomorrow. I wonder if anyone would notice. Maybe. Maybe I should buy some new shoes.

Wednesday, August 15

I smell bad and I need new shoes.

Ohmygosh--it's August, already??! Jeesh. Well, I just worked an extra long shift today and my feet hurt. I work in the shoe department at Sears, and the shoes I wear to work are ripped up, falling apart, and held together with super glue. It's awesome. There was also a guy who fell asleep in one of the rocking chairs on display today. That was pretty awesome too.

I now have two weddings down, two to go. And I'm in both of the future ones, so that should be interesting/exciting/. Other than that it's just been an average summer, with me finally realizing that I need to get out of this complacent mood I've been wallowing in the last couple months. When I sit down and think about it, I should be praising God that I'm still alive after some of the stuff I've been through. Yet I barely give Him a thought throughout the day. Something's gotta change here, methinks. As good 'ol Switchfoot says in their most overplayed radio single, "We were meant to live for so much more, but we lost ourselves." Now I just have to find the motivation to believe that. Starting with God might be a good idea.

p.s. I do not endorse the rat or Dr. Phil.