Monday, April 9

Ironically, I'm chatting with 3 online "friends" as I write this.

Dang, I'm a day off now. I was going for an entry each month on the 8th, but I missed it this time. Oh well....I think I have a valid excuse; yesterday was Easter. Lots of family. Lots of food. Lots of pictures. Mom is an awesome hostess.

As far as this month goes, nothing much has changed. Oh, I guess I switched my major again, but what else is new? I keep this up, I'll be going to school forever. Otherwise, things are essentially the same as last month....and the month before....and the month before....

I just don't really fit in St. Cloud. I can't fit into St. Paul/the NWC community either, all my friends have moved on. I don't live in Oakdale anymore. And although my parents live in Ramsey, I really don't know much of the place. I'll have to work harder to meet people, but I'm not really looking forward to it. I think I actually talk to more people online than on person. hmm....not so good. And still absolutely no idea what I'll be doing this summer....which is kinda scary, considering I have less than a month of school left.

I like the meaning of Easter because of the hope it promises for those who thought it was all gone....maybe I can find that hope.