Thursday, February 8

JUST when you thought it was safe...

Ok, I know I haven't posted anything for a long time, I'm sorry. I still believe that real life should come before I blog about my irrelevant thoughts that only about 3 people read anyway. Still, it's kind of a fun hobby and I think I should keep it up when I can. I've just been busy with, Yeah, take that mom! Anyhow, I really don't have much time to write about my recent thoughts and experiences right now (which I do plan to do later). I just happened to catch something on TV that shocked me and I want to warn the rest of the world.

This just in: I came home tonight to find my grandma had fallen asleep while she was watching the history channel. No big deal (she does that a lot). But as I got a drink of water I heard some explicit words coming from the TV that are only appropriate in a sex education class. But wasn't grandma watching the history channel??!! Yes, the series "Modern Marvels" was on, and the episode was called "High Tech Sex". She must have fallen asleep during the program before and now was innocently in dreamland as the TV blurted out things that I know would make her shudder. Shocked, I changed the channel and immediately went online to to see what sexual satisfaction had to do with history. This is where I found the name of the show and episode. There was also a brief summary that began, "Join us for a walk on the wild side of the history of sexual enhancement and contraception..." (Don't worry, I'm not going to put the rest up on here). So, sex and history. Just when I thought the history channel was a safe, educational outlet for everybody. I guess I shouldn't be surprised in today's world. Still, this is just...sick. At least they put a TV14 rating on the top.