Saturday, October 7

SCSU: the original party school

SOOO....friends and fans.....want to hear what I did last Friday night? Well, I came home from class and babysat from 2:15 to about 6:00. Then I ate some bean soup grandma made. Soon I was on the computer, typing out an essay that had to be turned in online that night. That took longer than anticipated...especially since there was an actual word limit and I could not send the essay until it was less than 800 words. (I was expecting a college, 800 words? This made me more frustrated than happy). Anyhow, I finally cut it down enough and "turned it in". By this time it was already 9:20. And I had a Scrabble date with grandma! Sheesh. Well, I found her watching "Everybody loves Raymond" so I joined in and saw the last episode. It was wicked awesome. But we still had Scrabble to play!! So from 10:15-12:30 we involved ourselves in one very intense and intriguing Scrabble game. In fact, I took a picture the place was so happenin'. (Jon- I scored 328, which wasn't so great considering the awesome letters I had). I was so glad to sleep in Saturday morning. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the life of one crazy party animal. I know I did.