Friday, July 21

I use ellipses way to much...

So TOmorrow I'm bringing most of my stuff up to my grandma's where I am going to live for hopefully the next couple years. Then I'll actually "move in" sometime next week. I am quite excited...but it's going to be interesting. I think I'm most excited to have some sort of schedule for myself; my "do nothing" part of summer has been fun but I can only take so much. I need some business to help me keep motivated, methinks. And ironically, I know that soon I'll have tons to do and I'll be staying up late procrastinating and doing nothing. Just like now...except now I don't feel as guilty. Human nature is great, huh?

Seriously though, it's been bugging me how much time I waste during a day. I've been getting things done but it's so hard to find motivation during the summer. I'm hoping a change of scenery helps that. But most of all, I hope to find a change of heart--from God--to use this time to love Him and love others.

Scratch that....I need a change of heart. :-)

Tuesday, July 18

I better get going here if I'm going to meet my July quota

Sonshine 2006 was pretty sweet. I met a new ska band and skanked the night away; that made me quite happy. They are named Hook Line and Sinker. Yesterday I bought a car and that was pretty sweet too. Well actually, my dad bought it and I have to pay him back. But I will. I could think of a lot more to say but I'm lacking in the motivation. Maybe tomorrow.